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Pioneer in Digital Healthcare Services

KareXpert is a Pioneer in designing technology platform with a Patient centric approach to make “Patient Continuity” a reality in Indian Healthcare. We are the only technology Company to design patented “Advanced Health Cloud Technology Stack” which connects Patients with all the care Providers -Hospitals, Nursing homes, Clinics, Doctors, Pharmacy shops, Diagnostic labs, Imaging Center, Blood Bank, Organ Bank, and Ambulance. Our Innovative Solutions are compatible to run on any Smart device-Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop via Mobile App & Web App.

Our Big Data and IoT based Cloud platform along with Health Analytics to offer benefits to Providers and Patients using predictive analytics and connecting IoT connected Patient devices.

Our Vision

KareXpert Vision is to revolutionize the healthcare Industry by pioneering in Digital Healthcare and transforming Billion people lives by bringing “Health inclusion” for everyone.

With current population growth and with ever increasing diseases, and almost stagnant healthcare infrastructure development, it’s a challenge to deliver even minimal healthcare services to every patient. We can’t increase number of doctors from 0.7 to 4.58 per 1000 population, or beds from 1.3 to 3.5 as per WHO standards overnight.

KareXpert leader in technology started the Company in 2014 with Specific Purpose: To reinvent and redefine our Indian healthcare system to deliver the promise of “Health is national right for every Citizen”. We believe Technology Expertise and our focus, combined with healthcare provider partnership, will benefit the World the way no other network can!!

Work Culture

KareXpert is cultivating Agile, Fun, Innovative and Lean culture – keen for Learning, challenge Everything, dare to take risk, keep laser focus, execute at light speed, determined to change billion people lives, with underline strength of team work.

We believe in leadership that leads from the front, create differentiated value, energize people around, believe in crowd sourcing, and work backwards from the goal. This culture has transformed every employee as leader in KareXpert.

KareXpert strong technology and business team is going to transform the Healthcare Industry of India by creating highly differentiated & sustainable value for the Healthcare industry.

Our Team